Goshin-jutsu History

The art of Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu finds its roots in old-style methods of Japanese Budo. These systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Aikijujutsu – art of pliability and blending
  • Aikido – way of harmonizing
  • Judo – way of gentleness
  • Jujutsu – the gentle art (root of the above mentioned disciplines)
  • Karate Do – way of the empty hand
  • Kobudo – old/traditional Okinawan weapons
Extrapolating methods from the above mentioned disciplines, Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu employs the Goshin waza (techniques of self-defense) as well as the Kihon (basics), bringing them into modern-day application, while remaining true to the tenants and principles of authentic Japanese Budo. These variations from the traditional applications to the modern applications are primarily based upon what is known as Henka waza, which are variations of the primary technique utilizing the same principles.


Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu

Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu (Japanese ‘School' of Self-defense) is a Gendai (modern/contemporary) system of self-defense. It is not a Koryu (old/traditional) methods school of martial discipline. Rather, Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu is a revision of the self-defense applications from several, more traditional or old-school martial disciplines, culminating into a dynamic and practical discipline for today's warriors.

The Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu Kamon

The Kamon (family crest/emblem) of Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu is based on the traditional Japanese Jujutsu emblem. It is a cherry blossom in white, set in the midst of a traditional Imperial crest bordered in red, with a black background. In the center is the name of the system “Nihon-ryu” in kanji in red.


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