Nihon-ryu Goshinjutsu

Nihon-ryu Goshinjutsu is a Gendai (modern/contemporary) self-defense system focusing on practical application in modern combative situations. This system is a street effective modern martial art discipline, which can be easily learned and understood by men, women and children of all ages. Nihon-ryu Goshinjutsu can also be utilized by those with physical limitations and handicaps, making it a practical and effective martial discipline for life preservation through self-defense.

Nihon-ryu Goshinjutsu utilizes both lethal and non-lethal techniques that are common in a myriad of martial arts disciplines, such as kicks, strikes, blocks, grabs, throws, arresting methods, pressure points, strangulation and constriction methods, as well as weapon(s) disarming and conflict resolution methods.

What makes Nihon-ryu Goshinjutsu unique?

Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu is a practical, street effective and street lethal martial art discipline. It is non-competitive. Therefore, it is not treated as a sport, but rather a true martial discipline that is effective in various situations where one must defend themselves or their loved ones.

There are no tournaments, competitions or trophies to win. There are three major achievements one receives by studying and practicing Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu, which are as follows:

  1. The practitioner receives valuable life skills for the advancement of mind, body and spirit.
  2. The student becomes aware of his/her surroundings, able to identify possible threats to one’s self or family.
  3. The student receives technical and physical training that are inherent in several styles and systems of martial arts.

The Art of Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu

Nihon-ryu Goshinjutsu (Japanese ‘School’ of Self-defense) is a Gendai (modern/contemporary) system of self-defense. It is not a Koryu (old/traditional) methods school of martial discipline. Rather, Nihon-ryu Goshinjutsu is a revision of the self-defense applications from several, more traditional or old-school martial disciplines, culminating into a dynamic and practical discipline for today’s warriors.