Okinawan Hakutsuru Kempo

Okinawan Hakutsuru (White Crane) Kempo is a self-defense system that originated in China.  It was introduces and passed down in Okinawa over the centuries by way of various Chinese instructors who either visited or lived on the island.

The art of Hakutsuru Kempo includes hand techniques that include nerve attacks, throws, as well as joint manipulation. The basic principles of the style are quick footwork, rapid arm movements, precise attacks and a combination of hard and soft techniques, all used to defeat superior strength or size.

The system taught at Goshikan has its roots in China, and was passed down through the lineage of Bushi Matsumura, the famous Okinawan martial arts master and royal bodyguard. Additional crane forms were also passed down by Gokenki, who was a Chinese tea merchant who taught the Crane system on Okinawa in the early 20th century.

The Hakutsuru Kempo system taught at the Goshikan has the following lineage:



Hohan Soken


Takaya Yabiku


Chuck Chandler
|                                    |

Lawrence Vellucci               John Looney

Darel Chase

Hakutsuru Kempo classes are for Advanced Martial Artists ONLY.
Shodan or higher is required.


List of Kata: