Goshinkan International Hombu Dojo offers a complete home study course in Okinawan Shorin-ryu Kempo Karate.  In this comprehensive program you can now be trained the art and earn authentic rank promotions from White through 1st Degree Black Belt, certified by the International Shorin-ryu Kempo Karate Kyokai

The Shorin-ryu Kempo Karate Home Training Course is perfect for beginners who want to learn martial arts for fitness or self defense, as well as experienced practioners in other arts who would like to add to their skills. It provides step by step video instruction as well as personal feedback from our staff.

The Shorin-ryu Kempo Karate video curriculum is easy to follow, and provides complete instruction in the kata and techniques required for each Belt level.  Techniques are shown with and without a partner to make the information easily retainable.

Students progress at their own pace and submit videos of themselves performing the requirements for each belt. Students can also post their video exam via YouTube and email us the link, so that your exam may be reviewed by our Instructors. For your convenience, you may also schedule an online exam via video conferencing.

We stay in very close communication with our home study students via email and phone to evaluate your exams and monitor your progress. Students may also arrange for private instruction via video conferencing or in person..

Students who successfully pass their Black Belt exam are also eligible to teach under the ISKKKK.